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Green At Work

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49 plants 🌱

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Green At Work


What if we all could grow a plant 🌱, on our desk at work office? Let's put some Green in our work environment 💻.

In association with the Forum PHP 2019, we wanted to offer each one of you a friendly companion who will grow alongside you, in your office. Take care of it, water it when it's thirsty, protect it from nerf assaults, and love it forever.

A lovely companion

Keep us up-to-date about how well your plant is growing! Post photographs 📷 regularly, update its assigned gardener and home office at any time.

Share your love

Encourage every of your coworkers to take care of its own companion. If at some point in the future, you find an abandoned plant, adopt it and let us know.

Want to be a part of it?

We will communicate on the next events we will partner with. It's always the right time to get your new life companion!

Forum PHP 2019

Thank you for helping us grow
49 plants 🌱
during the Forum PHP 2019!

On the occasion of the Forum PHP 2019, we have partenered with AFUP (the French Association of PHP Users) to give you plants 🌱 to grow at work 💻. First of all, scan the QRCode found on the flowerpot in your goodies bag. Then, make your plant live online by taking and uploading your best photographs 📷! We will tweet them on a regular basis (with your consent).


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Step 1 : Plant your seeds

Inside the flower pot, you will find flower or aromatic seeds and a block of peat.

Put some water to humidify the peat, and plant your seeds.

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Step 2 : Scan the QR code

There is a QR code on the flower pot. Scan it and go to the website URL to declare and administrate your plant.

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Step 3 : Claim your plant and upload photos

On the administration page, you can enter your twitter informations and upload some photos.

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Step 4 : Share your love

You can share your plant public URL on any social media you want.

If you have entered your Twitter informations, we will tweet and mention you with your plant photos!